There is a vibrant new kind of life in this ancient wooden church building that has been in continuous use as a place of worship since 1773, before even our country had claimed its independence.

Obviously, there are hundreds of stories about the folks who have worshipped here in the past and the ups and downs of church life in this place. Some say you can feel the presence of many who have worshipped here in the past. A new attitude and a unique perspective about worship and ministry in this place brings great hope for growth and prosperity.

Folks who worship here currently want to express their allegiance to Jesus in fresh and new ways within the historic walls of Spring Hill Parish. We feel that we will grow and prosper because what we are now doing is somewhat unique. We have a new sense of spiritual power to accomplish what we corporately determine to be our unique mission. We want to try to explain this a bit with what follows.

We often hear “I am spiritual but not religious” and that we believe, is a very good thing! The word Religion comes from the LATIN WORD RELIGARE “TO LINK WITH OR BELONG”(This is the same root as in our word ligament) AND IT SPEAKS OF A WAY OF LIFE. Early Christians were often called, people of the way” because Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” It is the way of Jesus that we seek to emulate. Authentic Christian Spirituality is not about following rules or specific forms, but of following Jesus and His way of life.

So the core of our spirituality is not so much “what we do” as it is “who we love”.

Within the context of our love relationship with God, expressions of that relationship come naturally. The core of our spirituality is the way we live our life before God through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Spirit. All of life is spiritual (play, work, rest, eating, being with friends or family, writing poetry, telling stories, singing songs, creating art). Everything we do is an expression of spirituality as we direct these activities toward the God we love in Jesus Christ.

We hope for Spring Hill Parish to be a spiritual hub, where you can connect to your core nature as a spiritual being. We don’t gather as a church to “Download” spirituality into lives that are unspiritual. We come together to heighten and reinforce our awareness of our spiritual nature and its importance in our lives.

Those who gather at Spring Hill express this spirituality together by offering their gifts of music, poetry. cooking, art, theatre, geek ability, hospitality, etc.) and will join together with others in the Hebron area ( people of different beliefs or of no particular belief) in expressing Spirit through shared events here and elsewhere.

“God-moments…” We know that we can truly experience “God-moments…” (walking along a beach, on a trail through a forest, or cozying up to a crackling fire with a good book and a glass of wine). We affirm that we have been created to be “in community,” both with God and with one another. The ancient Greek word “ecclesia’ (often translated as “church”) literally means “those who gather together” in Jesus name. or “the called out ones.” We have discovered that we come to know who we truly are, and grow into the person God would like us to be, within the context of authentic, loving and God-directed, community. This is the “why” of church and our gathering together.

Real community is about loving God above all things, caring for those in need as we care for ourselves, pooling resources, doing justice, loving mercy, sharing our gifts, and knowing that we are all in this thing called life together.

We long to connect, to belong, to dialogue, to give and take, to get elbow to elbow; to roll up our sleeves for a common cause. Even to holler, fuss and disagree… things that only happen in the messy chaotic world of relationships and communities.

Hopefully, we become communal as we are directed by the Holy Spirit. St. Paul’s Old Spring Hill is “devoted to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers” (Acts 2:42). We seek to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk together humbly with our God (Micah 6:8); we do life together in God. We have an historic connection with the Anglican Communion and currently within the Episcopal Church in the United States.

Although St. Paul’s has an ancient church building, it is new and vibrant in its mind set. We seek to be a real and authentic community that is at home in today’s culture and in our neighborhood. We want to meet you where you are within your own self.

Are you heading upstream – but somehow without a paddle? Are you moving in circles or stuck in old patterns and destructive ways? Are you using lots of energy but to no particular purpose? Do you feel so slammed by life that there is no power to move? You know there is a spiritual path or force, but don’t know God with a name? So what else is new? The same stuff was going on thousands of years ago when a man named Jesus crossed paths with folks who were headed in all sorts of directions. He met them where they were and he said, “Come follow me.”

There was something about him and the kind of outrageous honesty, in the kind of life he was living that caused some folks to change and to walk with him. Some call this “faith”. A wise writer once said, “Faith is the direction your feet start moving in when you know that you are loved”. We hope that we are that sort of gathering. Why not visit, listen, pray, give us a try? Come and Sec.

  • If you feel God is calling you (and God is)…
  • If you think this is crazy (and it is)…
  • If you believe that following might somehow be beautiful (and it will be)…

Christ centered life is crazy beautiful; crazy because it is shaped like a cross, and you will have to lose your life to find it; beautiful, because the way is blessed, the company is pretty decent, and the life is abundant–you have a new sense of riches. So when you are moved by what God in Christ is offering you, join us in following and get crazy beautiful, too.


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